A hand to hold (Sunrise Mix)

Anarchy in the UK

Bad medicine


Born to be wild

Break out

Call my name (game version)

Call my name (Japanese original version)

Daddy brother lover little boy

Depend on me

When I dream of you


Eyes of kids

Good times

Heaven is a '57 metallic gray

Helpless (Long version)

I only want to be with you

La Bossanova de Sana

Liar! Liar!

Look at me

Love affair

Midnight special (Long version)

Mondo street

On our way

P.P.R (Long version)


Primal soul (Long version)

Killer queen

Sakura No Toki 櫻之時

Sunny day sunday

Ai no shirushi


Stop spinning me in circles (New version)

Say what you mean

I think about you

Ultimate power

You oughta know

Virtual Insanity

Wanna be your boy

Way to go

Classic Celebration (remix by Calvin)

按:Classic Celebration(CC)是我自己創作出來的一個歌名,只是簡單地將Classic Party 1,2,3 mix起來就是了,意想不到的是這首歌竟然也受到日本方面的認同呢,在他們的網站內的音樂區及模擬器區也會看到「Classic Celebration」的字樣,總算為港人爭光了!^^ 其實原本的CC只是指CP1+CP2而已,CC2才是CP1+CP2+CP3的,可是為了精簡的關係,我把CP1+CP2+CP3直接說成CC了。後期我也製作了CCC(Classic Celebration Complete),將Classic Party Triathlon也加上去了,可是由於不是太特別,所以我不打算把它放上網了。